In a very competitive market it is important to have the edge over your competitor, the same can be said in the property market.  After all it only takes one viewer to buy your house so it is important that prospective buyers don’t rule out viewing your house due to your images not doing enough to sell your house.

Interior photography is a science, and whilst most digital compact cameras do a great job in a nice bright open space, too often they can’t handle darker interiors resulting in a shaky image.  Also, even the most wide angle compact camera only gives the viewer a snapshot of a room and doesn’t show the full layout of a room.  Here at Blackstone Media we offer a professional property photography service to help you get viewers through your door and hopefully like it enough to buy.

We use the latest digital cameras which can work in darker environments without affecting quality, resulting images are 22 megapixels which are large enough for billboard size replication.  We also don’t just use wide angle lens (approx 90 degree angle), we use ultra-wide angle lens (120 degree angle) which capture the whole room not just the centre of the room. Your images will be sharp, wide angle and will have the correct geometry which will set you apart from the competition.

  • Prices start at £50 the ‘Bronze Package’ which takes in exterior, living room, kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom and images are supplied directly to your estate agent within 48 hours for web and print use.
  • ‘Silver Package’ includes photographs throughout the property and includes detail shots to add a little ‘pizzazz’.  Images are supplied directly to your estate agent within 48 for web and print use.  £150.
  • The ‘Gold Package’ includes a HD video walkthrough tour of your property as well as the photographs from the ‘Silver Package’. £400.
  • We also offer a floorplan service to give a prospective buyer a better idea of the layout of your property.  Prices start from £50.
  • To design a unique property brochure prices start at £30 per hour.


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